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August 11, 2017 2 min read


Shining, shimmering, splendid! Yes, it’s happening guys. And it’s almost all around the corner. It’s not just because it’s fun and mesmerizing to watch. It’s the ultimate OOTD that you can surely pull off. Whether you’re going to a night out with your besties or a romantic dinner with your beau, or perhaps just another work day in the office. You got to know how you can rock the glimmer looks in not just one, but three ways!

Rocking the Glitter ‘Do

When I saw the video from Refinery29 where they have tried the glitter hair look, it figuratively freaked me out. I mean they just rocked the ‘do like it turns out amazingly awesome with them even with the simplest hairstyle. And the most amazing part of it all is that you will only need 3 things: a hair gel of your choice, glitters, and a hair brush! Disclaimer: Just make sure you keep your eyes protected. You don’t want to pair that hair with red, irritated eyes.


3 Ways To Rock Glitter Hair

We tried 3 different glitter hair looks & they're NOT what you expect ✨

Posted by Refinery29 on Monday, July 31, 2017


Zap Them with Those Glitter Eyes

Looks can kill. Why not add some dash of glitter for more drama! I know you have been seeing this for quite some time now, but I am going to showcase this again. It’s a classic for creating extra sexiness with your eyes. How do you achieve this look? The good news is, there are eye palettes in the market that have these glittery colors. Donning the glittery colors during special occasions like Christmas, 4th of July, or simply during a winter dinner is most especially a winner! Check out this cool floating eyeliner look with Valentine Palette that will surely make you go gaga over some glittery eyes drama:

Glitter eyes

Pucker Them Glitter Lips

What’s not to love with the glitter lips? Aside from accentuating that smooch, it also adds more volume as the glitter attract more light and dimension. Yeah, it’s that sparkle definition is what I am talking about! It’s not just a picture perfect, Instagram worthwhile makeup, it also adds gleam to your look. Now, that’s a makeup with an attitude.

Glitter Lips


So, with all the glitters, what trend would you love to try? Or have you tried it? Which one do you love donning out? Let me know and leave your comments.


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